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About Aprentica

Aprentica is an Open Social Learning Platform that enables you to access high quality academic content and interact with peers, professors and universities.

Aprentica was created for YOU.
Together, we shall take a critical step towards keeping Education moving, growing and developing; making high-quality academic content and lectures available to everyone, everywhere...FOR FREE.

Our Passion

Aprentica's mission is to enhance education by empowering individuals and academic institutions to teach and learn.

Why people love Aprentica?

People love to learn. And we make learning easy and accessible, letting YOU decide which professor you like best, which media is more convenient for you, and when and where to take a course.

Why is Aprentica so helpful to Universities?

Universities need to attract new and talented students. By uploading their best academic content and engaging their faculty members in Aprentica, Universities may reach a broader audience… and YOU may reach them!

If you are a University representative, start promoting your Institution now by showing what you do best: TEACH!

Why are Professors enjoying Aprentica so much?

Professors love to teach. Now they may extend their teaching skills to students and followers inside and outside their classroom.

Using Aprentica is so easy! Professors may centralize different types of files in one single platform and conveniently share their lectures in Aprentica and other social networks. Plus, they may recommend and promote their books and blogs.

Enhance knowledge!

Aprentica is a social enterprise which believes in democratizing education so anyone, anywhere, may access high-quality academic content. Aprentica was founded by a professor and Fulbright scholar who has worked and lived in the US, Latin America and Europe.

Sponsors & Partners

If you believe that Education can change the World, please contact us at sponsor@aprentica.com, and help us Enhance Knowledge worldwide. Your support can help Aprentica grow and bloom while showing that your organization is making a social impact. Thanks for your interest in Aprentica.

Becoming an Editor

If you are a professor, join our Editorial Team and help us achieve higher academic standards in your field of expertise. Gain credibility, meet other experts and become known. Contact us at jobs@aprentica.com with your CV and contact details. Thank you for your contribution.

Join the team / Volunteer

We are always looking for amazing people to join our winning team. If you are passionate about education and a smart technology savvy, please contact us at jobs@aprentica.com, and find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, G+, and Facebook. Thanks for spreading the word.